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If you have a fashion / travel website or blog, you can be part of the team by becoming an InsideMyLuggage affiliate. You'll be able to make some cash as well!

How it works

We pay commission on validated sales (excluding delivery charges and VAT) that you drive to our site. Rates of commission vary depending on the type of sales made (for example, we pay 7% on most referred sales). You also get huge discounts on our products, we will tag your social media accounts if you wear our products and send us a picture.  We also give you a discount code for you to give to your followers so they can get 20%-40% off our store.  Please contact us for more details.

We use third party tracking where we are able to see which sales came from your website / social media.  Once we are able to validate these sales, you will receive your commission on a bi-monthly basis.

We are always adding new items to our shop, so you have many opportunities to post new content and try out our new inventory of products.


There are some sites out there that aren’t quite so trustworthy, so we do need to run some checks before you’re approved for this program.


Please contact us at or use the contact us page if you are interested.  We look forward to working with our fellow globetrotters and passionate fashion lovers.



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