Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why shop at InsideMyLuggage?
A:  We are updating our collections everyday with our favorite articles of clothing from suppliers all over the world.  We then combine individual products to create our infamous travel collections to give our shoppers the inspiration they need to create their own outfits.  We always keep our pricing competitive and our styles trendy.  We also have a free international shipping policy.

Q: Does InsideMyLuggage have a physical shop?
As an online store, you can find InsideMyLuggage worldwide through your computer or mobile devices. We’re now shipping to over 80 countries worldwide. With websites supporting the United States, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia and the Middle East, InsideMyLuggage ships from one of its many globally positioned warehouses.


Q: How long will it take for my product to arrive?

A: It generally takes 3-5 business days for the order to be processed as we work with third party warehouses across the globe.  Once the order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been shipped.  Shipping time varies based on where the product is coming from and based on the customs standards of the country you live in.  Please expect on average a 2-3 week wait time on international shipments.

Q: Why does the tracking service show that the package has been delivered, but I did not receive anything?

A: Packages might be delivered to your mail box or signed by your neighbors. We suggest you check in your mail box and with your neighbors first. If you cannot find it, check for your package with the shipping company. Remember to bring your ID! If you still cannot find your package, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.

Q: Why was my order divided into two or more packages?

A: Orders might be divided into different packages due to a difference in processing time and difference in warehouse location.

Q: What happens if I am not in when my order arrives?

A: Signature may be necessary when the package is to be delivered, so it is preferable for you or somebody else to be at home. If you have missed the package, please check with your local shipping company or post office with your tracking number to pick up the parcel as soon as possible.

Q: Are there any additional or hidden fees?
A: Customers will not be charged any additional fees.  We have a strict policy to be transparent at InsideMyLuggage, what you see at the final checkout price will be your total cost.



Q: Where are your products sent from?

A: We have warehouses located in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Products will be sent as per the principle of proximity.  Note that we are currently working with many suppliers and are trying to find the best quality items for our customers, so please leave us your feedback using the contact us page.

Q: How do I choose my size?

A: You may use the size guide on each product page for your reference. Please choose the best fit after taking note of your own measurements and comparing them to the measurements to each size on the website.  PLEASE NOTE: Many of our products are listed as INTERNATIONAL sizes, so keep in mind these may differ from your country’s standards. 

Q: How often do you get new products?

A: New products are added every day to our site.  We constantly look for new products and put out new content such as travel collections or special outfits for events.  We will soon add a new products section for our beloved shoppers to check out.

Q: Will the sold out products be back in stock?
A: If an item is marked as “Sold Out”, we suggest you check the site frequently within the next two weeks in case it restocks. However, if it does not restock within the next few weeks, it is likely to be removed from our online store.  **If you see something that has been out of stock for a long period of time, please contact us and we will try to work with other suppliers to get the item to you.

Q: What does one size fits all mean?
A: “One size fits all” means the item will fit the general population with small margins or variance based on your body build.  This means the item only in one size. In order to meet the satisfaction of every client, different items will be made in different sizes. The size details will be shown on each product page. Please take the size measurement into consideration before placing an order.
Q: How do I return an item?
A: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you have up to 30 days of receipt of an item to receive a refund. Just get in touch with our Customer Support team by sending us an email at Indicate which item(s) you would like to return and the reason for your return.

Q: Can I have a full refund for returns?
A: We will offer a full refund on items you have returned. However please note that the customer is responsible for return shipping fee. 

Q: What is the status of my return or exchange?
A: Refunds are processed within 7 business days upon receipt of the package. The returned parcel remains your responsibility until it arrives to us, therefore, please remember to ask for proof of postage in case it goes missing. Once your return / exchange is processed, you will be emailed with a confirmation.

Q: How long does it take for a refund to get processed?
A: The refund will be issued within 7 business days once received by our warehouse and verified the conditions of the items.

Q: What if I received a defected item?
A: If you received a defected item, you may contact us by sending us an email or using the contact us page within 30 days of delivery. Please send us a description of the defection with a few photos. We will then get the issue resolved as soon as possible. Please confirm with our customer service team before sending / returning any products.

Q: What if I received the wrong item?
A: If you received a wrong item, you may contact us by contacting us through email or using the contact us page.
Please send us a few photos of the label on the wrong package you received as reference, and the SKUs of the items you should have received. Please confirm with our customer service team before sending / returning any products.
Q: Why was my payment declined?
A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
If you have trouble paying via credit card: Please check the details of your card info to make sure they are correct, including the expiration date, cardholder name, security code on the back of your card as well as the billing address. Please ensure that you have not reached the card limit or if the card is currently being reviewed by your bank. In case your payment is still refused, we suggest you try a different card or payment method. 

Q: When will I be charged?
A: You will be charged immediately once the payment is authorized. An email will be sent to you to confirm your order. But if your card is not authorized or is under the status of pre-authorization, payment will not be taken. You may contact your bank or card issuer to authorize the payment. Please note that even if a payment isn’t authorized, it may still appear as though InsideMyLuggage has proceeded with the transactions. This occurs because some card issuers still hold the funds temporarily.
For all other questions please contact us at or use our contact us page.



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